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Off-road Tripmeter

4.99 usd

Tripmeter for off-road racing (Tripmaster). Measures traveled distance using GPS. Indispensable when driving by the roadbook. Developed and tested by professionals, for professionals.FEATURES:- partial and total distance- huge reset button for easy pressing while driving off-road- double-tap distance to edit- optional reverse button- metric or imperial/US units- write tracks to GPX files- send tracks to e-mail- day or night mode- designed for phones and tablets- portrait and landscape mode- displays GPS location, heading and accuracy- toolbar color represents the GPS accuracy- works from Android 2.2 onwardIf you have an old Android phone collecting dust, you can now make use of it, and transform it into a dedicated tripmaster device.The app was tested in numerous off-road events, and we can guarantee its excellence. The user interface was carefully designed for optimal performance on bumpy tracks.If you have any comments or suggestions, contact us, we might include them with updates.We also have a demo version, if you want to try before you buy: